I must take hundreds of photos in a given week, and with every photo taken I try to tell a story. With photography, I have the ability to use light, shadow, composition, exposure, and even color to convey a message that words may not be able to express. I have not been blessed with the ability to be a great writer, not even a great philosopher. What I have been blessed with is the ability to tell a story through a camera lens.
The beauty of it is that my stories can have an infinite amount of possibilities, and those possibilities are created within your own mind. To some, this photo may be just another black and white photo of a woman sitting in a lounge. To others, this might remind you of that time in your life when you… Those scenarios encompass the true beauty of art, and defines the very core of the purpose of forever capturing moments in time to be admired by anyone who may be interested.

– Jarrett Hendrix



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